“ Silent Seeing Toyooka”

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Kinosaki International Arts Center

“ Silent Seeing Toyooka”

Jun Tsutsui, Akio Suzuki, Hiromi Miyakita

Storks communicating without sounds
Genbudo Cave with an invisible phenomenon of reversing polarity
The tide flows in spite of calm surface of Maruyama River

You can witness the landscapes of Toyooka that contrary phenomena happen at the same time. A bus will run through the town slowly. Such a strange thing of the tour is tourists won't utter a word during the tour. This will enable tourists to hear inaudible sounds or invisible sceneries.

Experience Silent Seeing Toyooka!

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“ Silent Seeing Toyooka”


10.22 Sat. – 23 Sun.


in various places of the city


Director: Jun Tsutsui
Sound performance: Akio Suzuki
Dance performance: Hiromi Miyakita

Cast: Hiroyuki Kosaka, Hitomi Nagasu, the Toyooka Citizen (only voice)
Tour advisor: Satoshi Mutsu